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Today's Chiropractic's message

Your body is the world's greatest drugstore. It makes every chemical you need to live a long and healthy life.

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs often have side effects that can be deadly. They are never what your body really needs.

In addition, drugs usually suppress acute symptoms (fever, inflammation, rash, cough, aches and others), which prevents your body from performing its cleansing and healing functions. Suppression of acute symptoms has been shown to cause chronic health problems.

Chiropractic's purpose is to help your body function as it is meant to function - permitting it to be balanced so it may work at its peak and manufacture its own drugs. If your spine is unhealthy, your ability to function optimally and produce your own balance of natural chemicals will be impaired.

Meanwhile, remember to:

Eat, Move, and think Well!!



There is one diet that I only recommend because it works to sustain health and that is a

"The Paleo Diet"






Supplement, Food, & Drug Reactions

(Please Review, can be life saving, clic here)



Natural Flu Treatment

There are a number of supplements that can be beneficial for colds and influenza, but I believe they should be used only as an adjunct to other healthy dietary and lifestyle measures.

(Disclaimer: any serious flu illness, see your primary medical doctor immediately)

Vitamin C: A very potent antioxidant; use a natural form such as acerola, which contains associated micronutrients.   500mg 3x/day

Green Tea made: Drink it hot and often for combating a cold or flu. It causes you to sweat, which is helpful for eradicating a virus from your system.

Oregano Oil: The higher the carvacrol concentration, the more effective it is. Carvacrol is the most active antimicrobial agent in oregano oil.   4 drops 3x/day

Medicinal mushrooms, combo such as shiitake, reishi, maitake.    2x/day

Chicken, Thai, Pho soup,   2x/day 

honey,  1 tbls 2x/day

vitamin D,  5000 IU 1x/day

garlic capsules, one 2x/day

zinc,  30-60 mg 2x/day

vegetable juice,  1 glass 2x/day

apple cider vinegar,  1 tbls. 2x/day

coconut oil, 1 tbls. 2x/day

NAC (n-acetyl-l-cysteine)  600mg 2x/day

Elixir Blend:

1/2 cup organic lemon juice, 3 cups of pineapple juice

1 organic garlic cloves crushed, 2 tbsps Manuka Honey,

1/2 tsp organic turmeric, 2 tbsps grated organic ginger,

1/2 tsp organic cayenne pepper, ½  tsp organic cinnamon,

Blend all ingredients, store in glass container,

How to take it: Drink 1 cup 3 to 4 times daily to fight off flu and cold or when feeling under the weather. Take until symptoms are gone.


Gluten Free Info. clic here


Plastics to Avoid

#3 Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) commonly contains di-2-ehtylhexyl phthalate (DEHP), an endocrine disruptor and probable human carcinogen, as a softener.

#6 Polystyrene (PS) may leach styrene, a possible endocrine disruptor and human carcinogen, into water and food.

#7 Polycarbonate contains the hormone disruptor bisphenol-A, which can leach out as bottles age, are heated or exposed to acidic solutions. Unfortunately, #7 is used in most baby bottles and five-gallon water jugs and in many reusable sports bottles.

Tips for Use :

*Sniff and Taste: If there's a hint of plastic in your water, don't drink it.

*Keep bottled water away from heat, which promotes leaching of chemicals.

*Use bottled water quickly, as chemicals may migrate from plastic during storage. Ask retailers how long water has been on their shelves, and don't buy if it's been months.

*Do not reuse bottles intended for single use. Reused water bottles also make good breeding grounds for bacteria.

*Choose rigid, reusable containers or, for hot/acidic liquids, thermoses with stainless steel or ceramic interiors.

For more info, see Product Reports on "bottled water" and "baby bottles ."

Green Guide 101 | March/April 2004 | For Your Health


Nautral Treatment for GERD

Research has shown that three natural ingredients have remarkable effectiveness in relieving occasional heartburn and acid indigestion, while helping soothe the mucosal lining of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. The results are fast, the benefits long lasting, and most importantly, you'll experience no side effects whatsoever!  

Acid Relief Solution #1 
DGL: The Licorice Soother

You might be familiar with licorice as a sweet flavoring agent, but licorice also has a long history of use as a soother of digestive discomfort. And there's a special preparation of licorice called deglycyrrhizinated licorice, or DGL for short that is extremely effective at this. 

Multiple scientific studies have shown that DGL has the ability to restore the integrity of the esophageal, stomach and intestinal lining by increasing the secretion of protective mucus that lines the gastrointestinal tract. This lining is a key component of the stomach's defense against the erosive properties of acid, and by increasing mucus production with DGL, your body's natural protective barrier is strengthened. 

One double-blind study compared the benefits of DGL to the conventional approach and found that it was equally as effective when evaluated at both six and twelve weeks of use.

Other clinical trials have demonstrated the benefits of DGL for supporting the integrity of the stomach lining, including one four-week trial that showed that DGL was significantly more effective than a placebo.

While licorice is generally very safe, there's a common side effect that can be problematic if you choose the wrong form: One of the active compounds it contains can elevate blood pressure. This is not an issue with DGL since this special preparation of licorice has had the blood pressure elevating compound, glycyrrhizin, removed. 

In addition, research on a specific form of DGL, called GutGuard®, has shown it can also help with functional dyspepsia, or discomfort in the upper belly or abdomen occurring during or right after eating.

Acid Relief Solution #2 
The Healing Power of Slippery Elm

Slippery elm (Ulmas fulva) is an herb famous for its soothing properties. As the name implies, extracts of the bark of the slippery elm tree are often "slippery" due to the fact that its mucilage, found in the inner bark, produces copious amounts of compounds called polysaccharides. These compounds are very similar in nature to the makeup of the mucus in your stomach that protects it from stomach acid and can augment your body's own mucus production, helping to protect the lining of the esophagus, stomach and intestines. 

The polysaccharides found in slippery elm have a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine for helping to soothe and relieve irritated internal tissue along the gastrointestinal tract. Known as a demulcent, slippery elm can also help to promote a healthy inflammatory response in the stomach and intestines, making it a valuable ally for promoting healthy overall digestion in addition to helping with acid problems.

Acid Relief Solution #3 
Cooling Aloe Vera

Most people are familiar with the healing properties of aloe vera. If you split open a fresh aloe leaf, you will see the thick, mucus-like gel contained inside. Perhaps you may have applied this gel to irritated skin as a soothing agent. Well, like slippery elm, aloe is also rich in the polysaccharides that help to restore the cells in your esophagus and digestive tract. 

While aloe vera has been used historically for a variety of healing purposes, only in recent years have scientists identified specific compounds that may account for its unique ability to soothe and heal tissue. 

One study found that aloe vera supplementation resulted in improved intestinal motility and other markers of gastrointestinal health. Study participants reported reduced bloating after meals and reduced flatulence.

Another double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial evaluated the efficacy and safety of aloe vera for supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the intestines. Researchers found that oral aloe vera taken for four weeks produced measurable improvements with no side effects. 

However, like licorice, the aloe plant has some properties that can come with some unwanted side effects. There is a portion of the aloe leaf referred to as the latex, which can act as a powerful laxative. Written by Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now


Mercury Detoxification (Minimal Recommendations)

Vit C 1000mg +
N-acetyl cysteine 1500-3000 mg
Algae (Kelp)
Alpha-lipoic acid

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